Free social media icon shapes for Photoshop CC

Grab these free custom vector shapes to speed up your web design workflow.

I posted these free shapes a few years back in what is one of the most popular posts on our blog. Although plenty of new tools have emerged since, I still find it handy to have vector shapes of the most popular social media networks handy during my design workflow.

Since Photoshop CC made a few changes to the UI, I figured it was time to update this how-to as well.

I took the time to gather the social media vector icons I use the most frequently and turn them into a .csh file, making them easily accessible from Photoshop CC's custom tools menu.

Simply download the zip file below and rev up Photoshop CC. Then, install your free social media icon vector shapes in three easy steps:


Free vector social media shapes for Photoshop CC

1. Open up Photoshop CC's tools menu, and select the Custom Shape Tool


Free vector social media shapes for Photoshop CC

2. In Photoshop's top toolbar, click the shape dropdown palette.


Free vector social media shapes for Photoshop CC

3. Then click the gear dropdown at the top right, and select Load Shapes.


Your vector social media icon shapes are now loaded into the custom shape palette (scroll down to the bottom to access them) and ready to use in your next website design project. And since they are vector shapes of course, you can quickly scale and re-color them as needed. Enjoy!



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